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from Pat Wiggin Hathaway

I was very interested to see your pix of the Hathaway Center. Do I presume that you live there? I worked in the office of the Shirt Factory from 1967-1969. It is nice to see such an historic bldg being used creatively. Thx for the pix.
I now live in IN and was visiting in ME the end of SEP & had lunch across the river @ the Lobster Pound. Had to ask what was going on at the old factory.

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from Carla Daigle
on November 09, 2011
 Hi Pat, so sorry it's taken me so long to respond. The Hathaway Building has undergone some major renovations, including apartments, retail stores and community event space. They have done a great job. Not the entire space is renovated; I believe they will do this in phases. I was commissioned by the owners to take photographs for their main lobby and for the leasing office. I was so pleased to do this. I often eat at the restaurant to which you refer...especially in the summer. Thank you for writing!

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