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Question   Just Awesome!
Hi Carla,

looking at your photos shows me the beauty of natter, reminds me of the most beautiful sights the world offers us, keep shooting... don't ever stop,

P.S. you don't need a new camera, your doing good as is.

- charlie lewy April 19, 2012

  Answer Thanks Charlie, you really did check out my website! I appreciate your comments......I will never stop. Went out this afternoon after work to observe an eagle's nest....female is sitting on eggs and the dad comes back and forth. I think maybe a longer lens perhaps instead of a new camera body? Food for thought. I enjoyed our conversation. Thank you.

- Carla Daigle  April 19, 2012

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Question   the entire website
I currently live in Central Pennsylvania, but a Maine girl at heart. We left the amazing state of Maine in 1975 and have lived here in Pennsylvania ever since. Viewing your website really gives me a sense of why I still consider Maine - home! Both states are unique and breathtaking. They both have different types of beauty. I'm very blessed to have both states part of my life. Thank You for sharing your expertise with this state that I call home.

- Denise Cook November 25, 2011

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Question   Hathaway
I was very interested to see your pix of the Hathaway Center. Do I presume that you live there? I worked in the office of the Shirt Factory from 1967-1969. It is nice to see such an historic bldg being used creatively. Thx for the pix.
I now live in IN and was visiting in ME the end of SEP & had lunch across the river @ the Lobster Pound. Had to ask what was going on at the old factory.

- Pat Wiggin November 08, 2011

  Answer Hi Pat, so sorry it's taken me so long to respond. The Hathaway Building has undergone some major renovations, including apartments, retail stores and community event space. They have done a great job. Not the entire space is renovated; I believe they will do this in phases. I was commissioned by the owners to take photographs for their main lobby and for the leasing office. I was so pleased to do this. I often eat at the restaurant to which you refer...especially in the summer. Thank you for writing!

- Carla Daigle  November 09, 2011

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Question   Good gallery site
Wonderful to view your work again. My all time favorite of yours is "Icy lamppost" along w/ Lubec Museum and lighthouse window & House in water droplets. Thanks for sharing your passion with me and continued Good Luck.

- Italo A. ( TALLY ) Vassalluzzo September 08, 2011

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Question   Fantastic
Simply Outstanding Work! I enjoyed all the detail!

- Tim Daigle February 23, 2010

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Hi Carla, Was just looking at your work and it's beautiful. You can be very proud of yourself. I loved them all, Daniels photo's are beautiful. Keep up the hobbie.


- Aunt Necia Daigle December 28, 2009

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Question   Your work!
I FINALLY took the time to view your incredible work. It really is beautiful, Carla, hope some day I can be half as good!

- Diane Corson October 15, 2009

  Answer Hi Diane! What a nice surprise to hear from you. I'm still working on my website..that is, when I have time. Thank you for taking the time to take a peek. See you soon.

- Carla Daigle  October 15, 2009

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Question   Praise
Hi Carla,

I am JoAnn LeClair's friend that is going into business with her. She just called to give me your website and I wanted to say that I am so impressed with your work! Your photos are breathtaking and I look forward to seeing your work in person.

Lisa Osenga

- Lisa Osenga June 15, 2009

  Answer Hi Lisa. Thank you so much for taking the time to view some of my photographs. You and JoAnn have much to be excited about....the space and building are beautiful! I enjoyed my meeting with JoAnn yesterday and hopefully, our paths shall cross too! Thanks again for your feedback.

- Carla Daigle  June 16, 2009

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