My story. When the ‘empty nest’ syndrome hit home for me, I was in my mid-40’s…..trying to figure out what the heck I would do with the extra time I had on my hands. My friend Nancy had just started a new hobby and asked if I would be interested in taking pictures. I thought ‘why not’? An opportunity to be outside, get some fresh air and a little exercise to boot? Problem was, I didn’t have a camera, except for a little point and shoot that most everyone carries around. Another friend (David) had an old Nikon, fully manual 35mm (nothing automatic about it…trust me!) in his closet and after removing the cobwebs, he gave it to me, along with a few lenses, and off I went on my first photography excursion! Long story short: I LOVED it and was hooked!! With the help of a few self teaching videos produced by Kodak and a few books, I learned the basics and simply practiced, practiced, practiced. My current camera of choice is a Nikon D80.

I don’t have a favorite subject. Everything intrigues me. I love photographing scenics, flowers, sunrises, wildlife, the unusual….like insects….no kidding! I now view my surroundings with a different eye.